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How to Make a Wooden Brer Rabbit
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Want a cute and welcoming Easter bunny craft to add to your porch or entry? Well Big Brer Rabbit and 'Lil Brer Rabbit will be just the thing! These large wooden rabbits each hold a basket of colorful painted wooden eggs, that will just beg your kids and guest to help themselves. These big-eared cuties will be sure to make a statement that you are ready for the Easter Bunny to stop by.



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1. Large Rabbit: One " x 8" x 50" pine board

2. Small Rabbit: One " x 6" x 30" pine board

3. 1" round wooden doll head for large rabbit's nose (should have one flat side)

4. 3/4" round wooden doll head for small rabbit's nose

5. acrylic paint:
  • baby blue
  • soft pink
  • black
  • white
  • golden brown
  • brown (shading on basket)
  • green
  • yellow
  • lavender
  • orange
  • aqua
6. sponge

7. 1" paint brush (use to base coat)

8. liner brush

9. #4 shader brush

10. Excelsior

11. 1/2 yard of 2 " ribbon per rabbit

12. 8 - #8 x 1 " Phillips flat head wood screws (6 for each rabbit)

Painting Instructions:

1. Transfer patterns to wood. Cut out all pieces.

2. Give front of all pieces, except basket, mouth, and nose two coats of white acrylic paint. (I also put one coat of white on the bake side of the head, body, and feet so it looks nice from the back side as well.)

3. Transfer eye, inner ear, and basket pattern markings to correct pieces.

4. Paint mouth baby blue, when dry transfer markings for inner mouth.

5. Pink: Paint nose. Sponge inside of ears, inner mouth, and cheeks as marked

6. Basket: Base paint the eggs in different colors. Base the basket in a golden brown, tan, or similar color.

7. While waiting for the basket to dry, paint in "eye-balls" using black for the iris and baby blue on the outer oval. When dry, outline eyes with liner brush in black or use an extra-fine permanent marker. Add tiny white dot and white star to iris of each eye for extra cuteness. Outline (broken stitch lines) around pink sponged area of ears and mouth piece. Also outline face from eye area to whiskers. Outline paws also.

8. Using wooden end of paint brush, make 3 white dots (for whiskers) on either side of mouth just at the edge of the broken stitch lines.

9. Eggs: Decorate eggs any way you like! See picture for ideas.

10. Basket: Leave all one color and shade around edges or make a "woven" look by shading in diagonal lines. When dry, add lettering if desired.

11. Using wood glue, glue pieces together. For a more secure fit, you can add screws at marked spots. Tie bows at neck and glue small amount of excelsior (wood grass) to rim of basket.

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