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Learn How to Make a Calico Jack-O-Lantern
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This easy to construct jack-o-lantern will be a fun addition to your Halloween decorations and will be a tradition for your family to enjoy seeing each year. The construction is simply and doesn’t involve too many steps, therefore this project can be complete in no time flat! It’s so simple, it would make a great project to do with you children, who are just beginning to learn to sew.
Calico Jack

  • 1/2 yard orange fabric (pumpkin)
  • 1/3 yard green print calico fabric (hat)
  • 3-1/2 x 18” yellow calico fabric (hat band)
  • tan raffia
  • 1 bag polyfill
  • black felt (facial features)
  • glue
  • orange thread
  • sewing needle

  1. Print pattern from computer. Pattern: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Cut out pattern pieces. In addition, cut one 3-1/4” x 34” piece from green calico for hat ruffle. Also, cut two 3” x 9-1/4” from yellow calico for hat band.
    Match Pumpkin Hat Part A to Pumpkin Hat Part B at dotted lines and tape together.
  2. Cut out fabric according to instructions on pattern.Sew orange fabric pieces together to make pumpkin. Leave top open, stuff, and close—sewing by hand.
  3. Cut raffia 14” long, making 12 pieces. Sew 6 pieces to each side of pumpkin.
  4. Hat…sew bands to each hat and then sew the two (side of hat) pieces together.
  5. Sew hem on what will be outer edge of hat ruffle by machine and then gather opposite edge. Attach ruffled edge to hat in step four. Turn hat right side out and stuff. Hand stitch hat to top of pumpkin.
  6. Cut face from black felt. Glue to head.
  7. Hand stitch top to hat side to hat side look like it’s flopped over.

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