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Valentine's Day Craft Idea - How to Make a Candy Heart
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Looking for a Valentine's Day craft idea? Here is a fun way to give a candy-filled valentine. You can use different shapes for other occasions—such as a star for a friend’s birthday or a tree for Christmas. You can fill them with candy or show off some other treasure in these cute little pockets of surprises. This Valentine's Day craft idea is a fun arts and crafts project to make for all your loved ones.
Valentine's Candy Heart


  • Construction paper
  • Scrap booking paper
  • Spray adhesive (glue
  • Clear adhesive-backed vinyl
  • Clear plastic (velum-type)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (I used “eyelash” fringe yarn)
  • Single-hole paper punch
  • Candy


  1. Draw a heart-shape on the back of a 7-inch square of construction paper. Cut out a 7-inch square from the decorative scrap book paper. Spray unmarked side of construction paper with adhesive glue, and attach decorative paper to this. Cut out heart shape as marked.

  2. Cut a 7-inch square of clear adhesive-backed vinyl. Remove the backing paper and stick onto the decorative scrap book paper (which you previously glued to the construction paper. Cut out the heart shape.

  3. Cut out the heart shape from the clear plastic.

  4. Place both the clear plastic heart and the paper heart together with the clear heart on top. Using a single-hole paper punch, make holes around the edges of the heart pieces. Try to keep the holes evenly spaced and the same distance from the edges. Hold the hearts tightly together without letting them slip to keep them from sliding.

  5. To assemble the heart pieces, place the plastic heart on top of the covered paper heart, making sure the holes line up. Cut a 36-inch piece of ribbon. Begin “sewing” the pieces together by pulling the ribbon through the hole at the top of the heart. Leave about 6 inches loose to tie the bow. Pull it through the next hole to make a stitch. Continue around the edge until you’ve gone past the bottom point of the heart and half-way up the last side. A tip for making this stitching go faster is to cut a 2-inch by 1/8-inch piece of the clear plastic, fold it in half and slip it through each hole as you come to it. Push the end of your ribbon or yarn through the fold of your plastic threader and pull it through the hole.

  6. Fill the Valentine's Day craft with candy and continue stitching the pieces together until you reach the top. With the end of the ribbon you left free at the beginning, tie a bow to keep the craft closed. Too much candy will make it curl up and look lumpy. Undo a few stitches and take out some candy, if this happens.

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