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How to Make a Curling Iron Travel Case
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This is a very handy, stylish way to pack your curling iron. If you are like me, your curling iron is one of the last things you pack when going on a trip, and you usually have to wait for it to cool before you can leave. The Velcro fastener holds the coiled cord in place. This pretty travel case is made from thick tapestry material which will insulate your hot curling iron, making it possible to pack it in your suitcase even if it is still warm. It can be made from a small piece of tapestry found in most fabric store's remnant bins. It is a quick and simple project, but oh so handy for travel.

Curling Iron Travel Case

Supplies Needed:

  • 12” X 12” piece of tapestry material

  • 1  ½” piece of Velcro

  • Thread to match tapestry material

  • Extra wide double fold bias tape (2.75m ½”)


  1. Print out patterns.
  2. Pin pattern pieces A (on fold) and B to tapestry material and cut out. 
  3. Open out fabric and sew bias tape to all edges of pattern pieces A and B.Sew a small piece of the female Velcro to one end of piece B.  Attach a corresponding piece of male Velcro to tapestry piece A in location as marked on pattern. 
  4.  Sew the opposite end of piece B to piece A with a zigzag stitch, as shown.   Back stitch to secure.  (This will become the tie-down to hold curling iron cord in place.) 
  5. old fabric, right sides out and stitch together sides and bottom.


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