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How to Make a Butterfly Baby Quilt
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This handmade and easy baby quilt is a great addition to any little one's nursery. We have step by step instructions on how to make a baby quilt with a butterfly print. It is the perfect project to use up all the small scraps you've been saving for "something". Give flight to these sweet little butterflies by making them out of pretty pastels and this quilt will brighten up any spot.

Instructions for a Free Butterfly Quilt Pattern

Fabric and Cutting Requirements:

Block Size: 12"

Quilt Size: 48" x 48"

Refer to the General Directions. Yardage is based on 40" wide fabric. (The yardage in parentheses is for borders cut crosswise and pieced.)

Rotary Cutting:

Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Align arrows with lengthwise or crosswise grain of fabric.


Fabric Amount Cut
White/Pink Print 1 3/8 yards 9 A, 54 D, 18 E, 18 F

(A, D, & E are white background, F pieces are pink block framing)

Light Pink 1 1/2 yards
(+1 yard)
4 borders 4 ½” x 48 ½”, 12 F
   (F pieces are pink block framing)
Medium Pink Print 3/8 yard 5 binding strips 2 ½” x 40”
Bright scraps 7/8 yard 18 B, 18 C, 40 G
   (B & C pieces are butterflies, G pieces are squares in the frame at the corner of blocks)
Backing 3 yards 2 panels 26 ½” x 52”
Batting   52” x 52”

* Border dimensions are the exact length required, plus seam allowances.


  1. Wash and press fabrics. Cut the patches listed in the materials and cutting box and shown in the rotary cutting diagrams.
  2. To make the F/G unit, refer to Fig. 1. Sew G patches to the end of an F as follows: Fold a G in half diagonally and finger press the fold. Position a G at the end of an F. Stitch just outside the fold line. Fold the G triangle open and see if it matches the F underneath. If it does not, restitch. (Or an alternative method is to place ruler diagonally on each G piece and mark the seam line with a pencil.
  3. When it matches, trim away the excess fabric, leaving a ¼" seam allowance, and press the triangle open. Repeat on the other end. Repeat to make 18 F/G units.

    Referring to the diagrams, make 9 butterfly blocks. Embroider the antennae on each one, using an outline stitch and 2 strands of floss, or embroider with a satin stitch on your sewing machine.

  4. Referring to the partial quilt assembly diagram, alternately join 3 blocks with 2 light blue sashes (F's) to make a block row. Make 3 block rows. Alternately join 3 sashes with 2 sash squares (G's) to make a sash row. Make 2 sash rows. Join the block and sash rows as shown in the diagram.
  5. Yardage for the mitered borders is given. Sew the borders to the quilt, mitering the corners or butting them as you prefer.
  6. Mark the quilting design you prefer on the blue borders. Layer the quilt backing, batting, and top. Baste with large safety pins. Quilt in-the-ditch around the block patches, along the sashes, and around the appliqué. Quilt the border as marked. Bind the quilt to finish.

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