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As a child I can remember the many pretty quilts my grandmother would make.  I especially loved the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt she had made for my mother’s wedding, with its brightly colored bonnets and parasols.  My grandmother had a tradition of making each grandchild a quilt of their choosing as a wedding gift.  I still have mine and it remains one of my most cherished possessions.  The tradition of a quilt gift is being continued in my own family as I make one for each of my children’s first wedding anniversary, and now for my grandchildren.

When I think back to my first quilts, with templates made from cut pieces of cardboard, followed by three months of having quilting frames take over my family room, it’s a wonder I kept with it.  Fortunately, current trends have made things so much faster and more accurate, with rotary cutting and machine quilting.  Of course, the best part then and now is looking at the finished product—such a feeling of accomplishment!  In addition, each time you or your loved one curls up in that warm quilt, you enjoy that same feeling of satisfaction and pride all over again

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