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How to Make a Wooden Bunny for all Seasons
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You don't have to have any special painting skills to create this cute craft project. It has the additional benefit of being versatile! With no hassle at all simply change out the accessories for whatever season is approaching. It takes a little time initially to get all the accessories painted, but once your done you have a year round decoration.

Wooden Seasonal Bunny
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pattern 3
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Pattern 2
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Fold Art Acrylic Paint Colors:
  • (TP) Tapioca 903 - bunny, watermelon, flag (base coat)
  • (PE) Persimmon 919 - pumpkin, carrots (base coat)
  • (CR) Cherry Royal 758 - hearts, wreath bow (base coat), berries, flag stripes, watermelon pulp
  • (TH) Thicket 924 - wreath, carrot tops, watermelon rind, pumpkin stem
  • (TB) Thunder Blue 609 - flag starfield
  • (LI) Licorice 938 - pumpkin face, watermelon seeds
  • (CN) Cinnamon 913 - bunny's heart, cheeks, ears

1. Using or " pine, cut out all pattern pieces except bow for wreath. Wreath bow should be cut out of " pine. Paint body of bunny. Paint accessory pieces noting the abbreviation for color code marked on pattern (ie. TP for Tapioca 903)

2. Stencil details to flag, watermelon, pumpkin, bunny body (cut stencils from clear acetate using an X-acto knife or stencil cutting tool.)

3. Fine tip permanent black marking pen - bunny's nose, mouth, eyebrows, stitch lines around heart.

4. For primitive look - Sand off paint on edge with 80 grit sandpaper. Remove dust. Gouge V-shaped grooves on carrots, pumpkin, bow (follow bold lines on patterns.)

5. Lightly wipe stain over all surfaces (avoid face of bunny). Minwax provincial oil stain. Let dry thoroughly. Spray all surfaces with one coat of matte finish varnish.

6. Attach bunny legs and arms with wire. Use wire or jute to tie hearts together (2 - 12" lengths). Use one 16" length to go thru carrots.

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