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Learn How to Make a Halloween Witch Decoration
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Are ghouls and goblins haunting you this Halloween? Try sweetening them up with this devilish little Halloween witch. Because her legs swivel on their jute ties, she will sit very nicely wherever you place her and keep an eye out for any evil. With a little imagination and some basic craft skills, it will be easy to create this little Halloween witch decoration.
Halloween Witch


All Paints are Delta Creamcoat:

  • Tangerine
  • Grape
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Kelly Green
  • Pink Quartz
  • Black
  • Metallic Gold

Other Materials:

  • Clear Mat Finish paint
  • Permanent Black Pen (Sharpie Ultra Fine works well)
  • 12" of light weight Jute
  • Tan Raffia
  • Pine Wood 5/8" thick
  • Paint brushes - ¼" flat and #1 liner
  • Glue
  • Drill
  • 3/16" drill bit
Halloween Witch Directions:
  1. Print the Halloween witch decoration pattern from computer. Pattern. Cut out wood, sand lightly. Using 3/16" drill bit, drill holes ¼" deep on either side of head below hat (where hair is attached), and in top of bag (where rope handles will be attached). Then drill through each side of dress and through legs. (See marks on pattern)
  2. Note: Continue paint around both sides of Halloween witch decoration wherever applicable. Put two coats of paint of everything.
  3. Grape - Paint dress, leaving collar unpainted at this time.
  4. Queen Anne's lace - Paint stockings (don't paint shoes), hands, face, and entire back of project.
  5. Black - Paint had, collar, and shoes. Use dots of color for eyes. You can make perfect round dots by dipping the wooden end of your paint brush into the paint and touching it to the project where you want dots. Use the liner brush to make a painted round circle for the nose.
  6. Kelly Green - Using liner, paint 4 thin stripes across each stocking about ½" apart. Using back of brush make green dots on collar.
  7. Tangerine - Paint a strip across the hat; paint the Trick or Treat bag.
  8. Gold - Paint dots on top of shoes for buttons; paint buckle on hat; paint bow at collar.
  9. Pink - water down slightly and make a small circle of very pale color for cheeks.
  10. Using the permanent black pen make a wavy line for the mouth and print the words "Trick or Treat" on the bag.
  11. Cut 2 ½" of jute. Put a small dab of glue in each hole on the top of the T or T bag. Poke ends of jute into hole to make a handle.  Glue bag to dress (see placement lines on pattern).
  12. Using watered down black paint, spatter entire project lightly with tiny splatters.
  13. When dry, spray your wood Halloween witch decoration with Clear Mat Finish.
  14. Cut raffia into several 3" lengths. Put glue in holes on either side of head and poke ends of raffia into holes. Cut different lengths to look messy.
  15. Thread remaining jute thru dress sides and both legs to attach legs to body. Knot jute tightly on either side of dress and cut off excess.

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