How to Make a Quilted Armchair Caddy

This handy caddy has for pockets to hold remote controls, glasses, t.v. guide, and whatever else you might want handy while snuggling up with a good movie. The pockets drape down the side of your armchair within easy reach, while the other end tucks under the seat cushion to hold it in place. This caddy is made as a sample of Fox and Geese block components rearranged four different ways. The blocks are eight inches square, but you may want to adjust the measurements to custom-fit your particular chair. Also, you could substitute your favorite quilt pattern.

Yardage:1 ½ yard light colored solid:

  • 4 pocket linings cut 8 ½ x 8 ½
  • 1 caddy base and lining cut 16 ½ x 40 each
  • 20 squares A
  • 6 large triangles C

¼ yard light print:

  • 38 small triangles B

¼ yard dark solid:

  • 26 small triangles B


  • 4 squares cut 8 x 8
  • 1 piece cut 16 ½ x 40

Bias Tape:

  • 4 ½ yard double-folded
  • 1 ½ yard single-fold

Make templates of square and two triangles (A, B, and C patterns provided). Cut out fabric using templates in amounts and colors as instructed above in yardage section.
Stencil details to flag, watermelon, pumpkin, bunny body (cut stencils from clear acetate using an X-acto knife or stencil cutting tool.)

Note: All seams are ¼
Make 8 units X, 2 units Y, and 6 units X. Join these units, 4 to a block, as illustrated, or invent your own arrangement. Place in lining square right side down. Center a batting square over it and lay the quilt block on top, right side up. Baste the 3 layers together and outline quilt ¼ inside the seam lines of the light solid-colored shapes as shown. Repeat for the other 3 blocks. Place 2 blocks with lining sides together (pieced side out) and pin them to each other along one edge. Stitch in ¼ seam through both linings and block tops (batting will be clear of the seam). Repeat for the second pair of blocks. Lightly baste down the raw edges of the seams joining the blocks. Hand stitch a piece of single-fold bias tape in place over the seam allowances. Machine stitch a strip of double-fold bias tape to the top edge of each pair of pockets on the front side. Fold the tape to the back and hand stitch.

Sandwich the large piece of batting between the base material and lining. Baste and quilt. (Mark the straight lines for quilting by laying down masking tape and quilting along its edge.) Pin one pair of blocks to the bottom edge of the caddy base with right sides up. The bound edge should be on the top of the pocket. Pin the second pair of blocks to the base so its bottom edge is 2 above the top of the first pocket. Baste the pockets in place along the bottom and sides. Machine stitch through all layers along the bottom of the top pocket and the center strips of bias tape. Cover the raw seam along the bottom of the top pocket with single-fold bias tape. Bind 4 edges of caddy with double fold tape.

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