Finding The Perfect Magnets For Your Sewing Projects: A Guide To Shopping For The Best Magnetic Solutions

Sewing projects, from creating intricate quilts to hemming a pair of trousers, usually require a wide array of supplies and equipment, including magnets. Quality magnets are essential when completing sewing projects because they help secure fabric while working and provide extra stability. When it comes to choosing the best magnets for sewing, there are several factors to consider. This guide will help you identify the right type of magnet, its ideal size, shape, strength and how to use them effectively in your next project.

Why Magnets For Sewing Projects Is Necessary?

Magnets are an essential tool for successful sewing projects. Magnets can make it easier to pin fabrics and maintain precise alignment of seams by holding them in place while being sewn. Furthermore, they help hold different fabric layers together without any slipping or shifting when cutting or marking template pieces.

Having the right kinds of magnets is a must when tackling sewing projects as not all magnets are created equal and may produce varying results depending on their strengths, sizes, and shapes needed according to the project at hand. Best magnets for sewing projects need to be strong enough so they don’t easily fall off but not too powerful that cause fabrics to unintentionally bunch up due to its magnetism.

Our Top Picks For Best Magnets For Sewing Projects

Best Magnets For Sewing Projects Guidance

Magnetic Seam Guide for Sewing Machine, 2 pieces Sewing Machine Guide Magnets, Anti-Slip Grip – For Any Width Seam, Straight & Circle Line Tracks – Sewing Supplies for Beginners & Professionals


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Achieve even, consistent stitches every time with two pieces of Magnetic Seam Guides for a Sewing Machine. These easy-to-use sewing supplies are designed for both beginners and professionals, making it simple to follow precisely straight or curved seams. Measuring the seam allowance before applying the guide is simple – just attach the magnet to the right side of the presser foot and the strong grip will hold your fabric in place for a smooth stitch. No matter what width you’re sewing, the Anti-Slip Grip and magnetic power will keep your work from slipping or sliding away from where it should be. Compatible with most machines with metal components and extra small for storing in any sewing kit, you’ll also receive an extra guide magnet, so you can always have a spare if you need it! Experience accuracy, ease and quality sew lines every time with a Magnetic Seam Guide for your Sewing Machine.

Common Questions on Magnetic Seam Guide for Sewing Machine, 2 pieces Sewing Machine Guide Magnets, Anti-Slip Grip – For Any Width Seam, Straight & Circle Line Tracks – Sewing Supplies for Beginners & Professionals

• What is a magnetic seam guide for sewing machines?
A magnetic seam guide for sewing machines is an accessory designed to help sewers achieve perfect straight or curved seams. It helps guide the fabric under the needle and provides an easy way to control the fabric when making precise seams.

• What are the benefits of 2 pieces sewing machine guide magnets?
The two pieces sewing machine guide magnets provide greater accuracy and stability when creating a seam. They hold the fabric more securely in place, which can be difficult to do with only one magnet. Additionally, they are adjustable, allowing you to make wider seams as needed.

• What is the anti-slip grip feature?
The anti-slip grip feature is added to provide extra control and stability to the magnetic seam guide. This ensures that the fabric remains in place while it’s being sewn and won’t move or slip as you work.

• What are the features of the straight & circle line tracks?
The straight & circle line tracks provide a clear visual guide for making precise and consistent stitches. The guides are adjustable, so you can make wider or narrower seams depending on the project. They also provide optimal accuracy for creating

Why We Like This

• 1. Even Stitches, Every Time Get perfect seams every time with these easy to use seam guides.
• 2. Easy To Use Measure out your seam allowance, then stick the guide to the right of the presser foot.
• 3. Fits Most Machines These seam guides work with most machines, as long as they have metal parts.
• 4. Won’t Slip Or Slide Strong magnetic hold keeps your fabric in check for a smoother sewing experience.
• 5. Sew With A Spare Comes with an extra guide magnet, perfect for adding to your sewing kit.

SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps 18 mm Fastener Clasp Purse Magnet Sets for Sewing, Craft, Purses, Bags, Clothes, Leather,Silver Color


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The SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps 18 mm Fastener Clasp Purse Magnet Sets are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable closure for their crafts, purses, clothing, and more. Made from high-quality metal, these fasteners come in a chic silver color and have a long-lasting wear, making them ideal for even the heaviest of sewing projects. Each set includes two snaps and two washers that can be easily installed using no tools — just insert the prongs through the fabric and you’re ready to go. With a size of approximately 18mm, these closures can be used for a wide variety of creative ideas. Use them to secure handbags, wallets, aprons, and much more — the options are nearly endless! The SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps 18 mm Fastener Clasp Purse Magnet Sets provide reliable, stylish closures to help you finish your projects with ease.

Common Questions on SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps 18 mm Fastener Clasp Purse Magnet Sets for Sewing, Craft, Purses, Bags, Clothes, Leather,Silver Color

• What are SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps?
SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps are 18 mm Fastener Clasp Purse Magnet Sets for Sewing, Craft, Purses, Bags, Clothes, and Leather in a Silver Color.

• What are the magnetic snaps made of?
SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps are crafted from durable, high-quality materials that are made to last.

• What can I use magnetic snaps for?
Magnetic snaps can be used for a variety of different applications such as Sewing, Crafting, Purses, Bags, Clothing, and Leather items.

• How are the magnetic snaps secured?
The set includes 2 magnet pieces that are already assembled. Just snap on the magnets and they will securely hold.

• Is SBYURE 40 Sets Magnetic Snaps available in any other colors?
Currently, these magnetic snaps are only available in a Silver Color.

Why We Like This

• 1. High quality metal material provides long lasting wear;
• 2. 18mm size for various craft projects;
• 3. Silver color will not fade;
• 4. Simple to attach without tools;
• 5. 40 sets, each set composed of two snaps and two washers.

Sewing School ®: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make


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Learning to sew can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for kids. The step-by-step teaching methods in Sewing School offer a clear, easy-to-follow approach to getting kids started on the right foot. This book contains 21 projects designed with first-time stitchers in mind, so it’s perfect for young sewers who may need extra guidance.

Sewing School teaches not only the basics of machine and hand sewing, but also includes tools and techniques that are both familiar and unique to this guide. It starts with simple stitches and gradually moves through more complex projects like dress-up costumes, stuffed animals, pillows, infinity scarves, and more. Each project is carefully explained and organized section-by-section, so readers of all ages can jump right into creating something fun.

The instructional drawings provide visual aides to help sewers more quickly comprehend the steps, while tips and tricks help troubleshoot project mistakes. Sewing School also makes a great reference guide for new and experienced sewers, giving you somewhere to turn before heading to the sewing shop. Its stylish patterns have been meticulously tailored to reflect current trends, while still teaching timeless stitching skills.

With its comprehensive teaching tools, easy-to-

Common Questions on Sewing School ®: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make

• What are the best supplies to use for Sewing School ®: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make?
The best supplies to use for Sewing School ®: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make include fabric, scissors, needles, thread, pins, measuring tape and marking tools.

• What kind of projects can kids make with Sewing School®?
Kids can make a variety of projects with Sewing School® such as bookmarks, pillows, quilts, purses, stuffed animals, and much more.

• What age is appropriate for Sewing School®?
Sewing School® can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 8.

• How much does it cost to participate in Sewing School®?
The cost of participating in Sewing School® varies depending on the materials needed for each project. It is recommended that participants have a budget for obtaining supplies before beginning any project.

• What tips would you give for new Sewing School® users?
For new Sewing School® users, it is important to take your time and read through all instructions before beginning a project. Make sure to double-check all measurements

Why We Like This

1. 21 easy to follow projects to get kids of all ages started with sewing.
2. Includes detailed instructions, materials lists and full color photographs to help guide children through the process.
3. Step by step illustrations and helpful hints to ensure sewing success.
4. Encourages creativity and builds confidence as children create useful items.
5. Projects include bags, pouches, pillows, and other fun accessories.

Additional Product Information

Height 10 Inches
Length 9.5 Inches
Weight 1.58 Pounds

Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers (Design Originals) Beginner-Friendly Easy-to-Follow Directions to Learn as You Sew, from Sewing Seams to Installing Zippers


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Sew Me! Sewing Basics offers a perfect jumping off point for anyone wanting to get into sewing for the first time! Even total newbies can expect to become comfortable with the basics after following along through useful explanations and helpful diagrams.

This friendly book opens with a thorough overview of all the essential supplies you’ll need, helping to acquaint readers with different types of fabrics and important notions like thread, needles, and pin cushions. Once you have your book, fabric, and tools, it’s time to dive straight into the projects.

Focusing on the main techniques that provide the backbone of many different kinds of clothing, the first half of the book will show you how to construct garments like pants, skirts, and collared shirts. By doing these projects in increasing difficulty and complexity, beginner sewers will build their confidence before trying the more advanced apparel pieces and accessories in the second part of the book.

Throughout, there are helpful tips that even experienced sewers may not have known, such as how to achieve a crisp and invisible hem with ease. Once you know the skills, there are no limits!

Aside from the skills involved in being a confident seamstress, Sew Me! Sewing Basics also shares some invaluable knowledge about the fundamentals

Common Questions on Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers (Design Originals) Beginner-Friendly Easy-to-Follow Directions to Learn as You Sew, from Sewing Seams to Installing Zippers

• What types of projects does Sew Me! cover?

Sew Me! features projects for first-time sewers that teach simple techniques and basic sewing skills. Projects include handbags, aprons, pouches, and much more.

Why We Like This

• 1. Step by step instructions to help beginners learn how to sew
• 2. Includes 15 easy to follow projects to introduce basic sewing techniques
• 3. Clear illustrations and photos to guide the reader through the sewing process
• 4. Resource section provides additional information on fabrics, tools, and supplies
• 5. Used book in good condition, making it an affordable source of knowledge for novice sewers

Additional Product Information

Color Multi-Color
Height 10.95 Inches
Length 8.55 Inches
Weight 1.34040896 Pounds

Hidden Magnetic Snap,Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver)


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Hidden Magnetic Snaps, Invisible Magnets Sewn in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver) offer convenience and a professional look to any item you design. They are easy to sew in, with no requirement of any hardware or traditional clasps, the snap lays flat and is hidden under the fabric creating a seamless closure that looks and feels great. The slim size of these magnets ensure they can fit into tight or small spaces, measuring an approx 06 inch in diameter and 08 inch in diameter, it is important to check the size carefully before purchasing so you can be sure of the right fit. The PVC magnetic snap provides further protection and reinforcement, making them ideal for projects with delicate material, such as purses, bags, shirts, backpacks and books. With 8 sets in total available, you can use your own imagination to turn even the most basic items into a sophisticated and stylish piece.

Common Questions on Hidden Magnetic Snap,Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver)

• What are Hidden Magnetic Snaps?
Hidden Magnetic Snaps are small round, slim and Flat snap closures which are used to close bags and wallets. They consist of two parts, both containing a strong neodymium magnet, the positive and negative sides naturally connecting the magnets together for a secure closure.

• What can Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver) be used for?
Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver) are a type of magnetic snap that can be sewn into thinner fabrics such as PVC fabric without having to use any backing material. This makes them perfect for purses, wallets, accessories and much more.

• How strong is the connection of Hidden Magnetic Snaps?
The connection of Hidden Magnetic Snaps is extremely strong; one of the two magnets given is of a Neodymium type – known for its very strong magnetic power. This gives the snaps an unparalleled level of holding strength when connecting together.

• Are Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver) easy to use?
Yes, Invisible Magnets Sew in PVC for Thin Fabrics (Silver) are easy to use, as long

Why We Like This

• 1. Easy to sew in, completely invisible when open.
• 2. Slim size magnets for thin fabrics.
• 3. PVC Magnetic Snap for extra protection.
• 4. Wide application for various projects.
• 5. 8sets in total for multiple uses.

Additional Product Information

Color Silver
Height 0.1181102361 Inches
Length 1.181102361 Inches

Benefits of Magnets For Sewing Projects

Using magnets in sewing projects has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more crafters discover their many advantages. Magnets provide extra stability and support for a variety of materials during construction, give the seams an almost seamless finish, eliminate pinning that can cause damage to delicate fabrics and speed up the process of project completion.

One type of magnet specifically designed for sewing projects is Neodymium magnets which comes in various shapes like disc-shaped, cuboid or block – allowing sewers to attach them almost anywhere on garments creating perfect edges while hold securely threads together while stitching takes place. These are super strong compared with other standard rare earth types because they use powerful magnetic fields namely Nd2Fe14B (Neodymium metal) composition ensuring durability even after regular washing cycles without losing its grip force unlike fridges & multi-purpose gadgets based standard backed models etc where these need reapplication after each wash… Additionally neos come into a vast range from small thin discs up so enabling ease when working with different thicker application fabrics also – because it provides uniform acuity every time you use them no matter what fabric you have used again online quite cheaply whether preformed shape items to larger sheets depending your budget carefully crafted sizes .

Buying Guide for Best Magnets For Sewing Projects

Types of Magnets for Sewing Projects

When it comes to choosing the best magnets for sewing projects, there are a few different types available. Permanent magnets are the most common option, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Neodymium magnets are also popular, as they offer the highest strength and can be used in many applications. Flexible magnets are becoming increasingly popular, as they’re easy to use and offer a range of designs and sizes.

Strength of Magnets

The strength of a magnet is an important factor to consider when choosing the best magnet for your sewing project. Permanent magnets come in various strengths, ranging from very weak to very strong. Neodymium magnets are among the strongest permanent magnets available and can be used in more demanding applications. Flexible magnets also come in various strengths, but they tend to be weaker than permanent magnets.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the magnet you choose is another important consideration when it comes to sewing projects. Permanent magnets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your project perfectly. Neodymium magnets usually come in round or rectangular shapes, while flexible magnets can be cut into any shape you need.

Adhesive Backing

Some types of sewing projects may require an adhesive backing on the magnet for easier attaching or removal from fabric or other surfaces. Permanent magnets don’t usually have an adhesive backing but some flexible magnet sheets do have one. If this is something you need, make sure you check before buying your magnet that it has an adhesive backing if required.


Cost is always an important factor when choosing the right magnet for your project. Permanent magnets are generally cheaper than neodymium ones, so if cost is a deciding factor then this might be something to consider. Flexible magnets tend to cost more than permanent ones due to their versatility and ease-of-use but there are ways to save money when buying them such as buying them in bulk or taking advantage of discounts or sales at craft stores or online retailers like Amazon or Etsy

Frequently Asked Question

What type of magnet is best for sewing projects?

The best type of magnet for sewing projects is a small neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnets are strong and small, making them perfect for attaching pins, needles, and other sewing supplies to your work surface.

What qualities should I look for in magnets for sewing projects?

When looking for magnets for sewing projects, you should look for magnets that have strong magnetic fields, are lightweight, and non-corrosive. Additionally, you should look for magnets that come in various sizes and shapes, as this will help you find the right magnet for the job. Additionally, it is important to look for magnets that are easy to work with and will not damage fabrics. Finally, you should look for magnets that are reasonably priced and durable.

What are the advantages of using magnets for sewing projects?

Using magnets for sewing projects can provide a range of advantages. Firstly, they are a great way to secure fabric layers together without needing to stitch them or use glue. Magnets are a great way to temporarily attach two layers of fabric together in a way that won’t cause any damage when the magnets are removed. This makes them ideal for use in projects such as quilting or appliqué where fabric layers need to be moved around a lot. Secondly, magnets can be used to hold fabric in place while you work, making them ideal for sewing projects where intricate fabric manipulation is required. For example, if you need to sew a tricky curved seam, magnets can be used to help keep the fabric in place while you sew. Thirdly, magnets can be used to make the process of transferring patterns onto fabric easier. Simply place the magnet onto the pattern and use it to trace the pattern onto the fabric. This method can help save time and make the process of transferring patterns much easier. Finally, magnets can be used to create unique design elements for sewing projects. Magnets can be attached to fabric to create fun shapes and patterns that can be used to customize sewing projects.

What gauge of magnet should be used for sewing projects?

It depends on the type of sewing project you are doing. Generally, a medium-gauge magnet is recommended for most sewing projects. This type of magnet is strong enough to hold the fabric in place without damaging it. If you are working on a more delicate project, such as lace or embroidery, then a smaller gauge magnet may be needed.

Are there any safety considerations when using magnets for sewing projects?

Yes, there are safety considerations when using magnets for sewing projects. It is important to take care when handling magnets and to keep them away from children to avoid any potential choking hazards. Additionally, as magnets can be powerful, it is important to ensure that any magnetized items are kept away from items such as computer disks, credit cards, and pacemakers, as they can be damaged by the strong magnetic fields. Finally, it is important to exercise caution when cutting or pressing fabrics with magnets, as they can become embedded in the fabric and cause skin irritation.


Thank you for your time in considering Best Magnets for Sewing Projects. Our goal is to provide you with the best products available to make your projects easier, faster and more enjoyable. We strive to give you superior products that will last longer, saving you money while increasing your results.

Our magnets are stronger than the competition and our selection covers all sewing needs: scrapbooking magnet closures; hip pocket plaid appliqué; quilting fabric pieces; patchwork art projects; acrylic fabrics, combined with paper or felt circles; layered ribbon magnets for embellishments that stay in place; extra-long magnetic buttons for clothing fastenings—you name it! Whatever project you’re tackling, we have the magnet solution.

We use powerful neodymium magnetic material from only leading manufacturers around the world: Amfri Inc., NEMMEI Novelty Corp., and Neogar Magnetics Ltd.. The benefit of buying from us is its assurance of a high-quality product backed by years of experience and customer satisfaction.

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From the first time I sewed the buttons on backward and clipped a hole in the front of my first blouse in high school home economics, I’ve been hooked on sewing. I have been sewing and making crafts for over 40 years and enjoy the process of creating something unique and exactly what I want.

Hopefully, you to will also have fun making projects which will add warmth and charm to your home or touch a special someone with your unique gift.

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