How to Make a Cradle Bumper Pad


It’s a must have to protect your little ones head from bumping on the sides of the cradle. Its soft covered cushion provides protection, and as well as a colorful way to tie into your décor of curtains, pillows, or whatever. The little ruffle on top softens the look of the cradle and there are several ties to secure the bumper safely to the side spindles. It takes very little fabric and involves mostly straight stitching so this easy project can be done in one afternoon! Your unique and personal cradle bumper will invite any newborn to sweet dreams while ensuring safety in the cradle.

Notes: Most seams are ½ unless specified otherwise. Use 1 foam and cut according to pattern pieces. Fabric will be cut 1 larger than pattern on all edges. If green foam can be seen thru fabric, line all solid pieces. You will need about 40 nine inch pieces of ribbon to tie the bumper together and to the railings. At least 24 feet of ribbon.


Cut fabric 2 X the length of the side bumper or about 64 X 3. You will need two of these (one for each side bumper). Fold in half, right sides together and stitch across short ends in a ¼ seam. Turn right sides out, mark along long seam line, ¼ of the way with white marker, then at ½ mark and then at ¾ mark. (This gives you guides for matching the gathers to the larger bumper piece.) Sew two gathering seams (on my machine, loosen tension to 2 or 3 and use basting stitch) at slightly less than ½.


Cut 2 pieces of 9 + 2 (11) X 32 + 2 (34) (2+ are for seams). Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew a ½ seam in one short end after inserting a tie at at the fold and ½ from top-leaving opposite end open for turning. Tie should be inside folded fabric. Mark fabric at ¼, ½, and ¾ near seam line in order to match with gathers of ruffle.

Gather ruffle piece and match to 3 marked spots. Pin carefully. Attach ties within seam at marked places. Stitch with ½ seam. Turn inside out. Insert foam and stitch two ties to correct places on remaining end. Stitch remaining end closed.

Your baby crib bumper pad is now ready for your infant to use.

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