How to Make a Hooded Bath Towel for a Baby

Keep your sweet little baby warm and cozy with this easy to assemble hooded bath towel. One bath towel, a hand towel, and a little creativity are all it takes to make this one-of-a-kind wrap. Personalize it with baby’s name for a special baby shower gift that’s sure to be treasured. Bath time will be even more fun for baby when she is wrapped in this soft cocoon. The best feature is that this hooded bath towel is large enough to completely wrap around a baby-unlike ready made hooded bath towels which are often too small to adequately cover the baby.



  • 1 regular size bath towel (large will be too big)
  • 1 regular size hand towel
  • 2 ½ yards of 1 ½ ribbon or blanket binding (plaid looks very cute!)
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Appliqués


Sew ribbon on right side of one long side of the hand towel. Also sew it on right side of each end of the bath towel.

Sew or iron appliqués as you like to one long side of the hand towel near each end (see picture). Also sew or iron appliqués to the bath towel on one long side about 12 from each end. (Another option would be to machine embroidery a few cute embellishments.)

Fold hand towel exactly in half (it looks almost square). Turned up end seams should be on outside. Stitch a 5/8 seam across one of the salvage type sides. This makes the hood of the bath towel. The folded edge will be to the back of baby’s head, and the finished, decorative edges of the towel will be around the baby’s face.

Find exact center of bath towel by folding it in half and matching ends. Mark center with a pin. Also mark the center of the hand towel at fold. Matching center mark of hand towel to center mark of bath towel, pin right side of these two towels together. Sew at 5/8 seam. Stitch again for added strength. Turn hooded towel right side out.

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