How to Make a Sock Doll

These lovable sock dolls are inexpensive and super easy to make. I got together with several of my friends from church and made 50 of them to send to less fortunate children in Africa. We constructed them in assembly-line fashion-with two or three people doing hair, some making dresses, and some constructing bodies. We used fabric with an African print for the dresses to help make them more appealing. Due to the increasing number of disasters being experienced around the world, there are many children in need of comfort. It’s very satisfying to feel that we have helped contribute in some small way to their happiness. So, come on and learn how to make a sock doll which will delight any child.



  • Child’s white anklet sock, size 4 or 5 (purchase socks with no printing on them)
  • Dacron batting
  • Orlon yarn, 4 ply
  • 14 inch knitting needles, size 4 or 5
  • Embroidery thread for face
  • Small print fabric for dress, 4 1/2 X 13 piece
  • Trim for dress, if desired


1. Cut toe from one sock just below seam line. Cut this piece in half for the arms. To make arms: turn toe pieces to wrong side and sew with ¼ seam allowance. Turn to right side and stuff.

2. Cut the remaining part of the sock almost to the heel on the sole part of the sock. Cut to within 1 ¼ of the cuff on top side. Careful attention to this step gives contour to the doll’s body.

3. Turn stocking to wrong side. Fold sock in half so there are two legs with a split in the middle. Sew ¼ seam allowance, curving slightly at the top. Turn to right side and stuff legs and body firmly with Dacron batting. Pull small pieces of batting apart and push into place with a crochet hook. Continue to stuff body to top of cuff plus ¼.

4. Hand stitch with strong, double thread a running stitch ¼ above cuff seam and draw together tightly to form neck.

5. Hand stitch arms in place.

6. Remove small amount of batting to embroider face. Replace batting. Sew a running stitch with double thread around the top edge of cuff. Draw together and fasten securely to form the head.

Curling Yarn for Hair:

1. Wind tightly approximately 3 yds of yarn on knitting needle. Catch ends firmly. (Make about 8 of these lengths for a full head of hair.)

2. Bake in over 10 minutes at 200o. Continue this process until all yarn is curled.

3. Cool completely before removing from knitting needle.

4. Cut each curled length into 1 to 1 ½ pieces.

Attaching Hair:

1. Take 5 pieces of cut, curled yarn, hold in center and catch stitch together. Stitch onto head, starting at center front.

2. Continue adding 5 curled pieces at a time, stitching one directly behind the other, straight over the top of head down back of head to about ¾ from neckline.

3. Continue adding 5 curled pieces at a time to side of head in semi-circle until desired effect is reached.

Dressing the Doll:

1. Stitch ¼ hem on short end of fabric strip 4 ½ x 13.

2. Stitch ½ casing along top and 1/4 hem along bottom of fabric strip.

3. Make a 1 ½ buttonhole about 3 ½ from each end for the arm holes, starting just below the casing.

4. Add narrow lace trim or rickrack to bottom of strip for dress trim.

5. Insert drawstring, cord, or narrow ribbon in ½ casing and secure dress with just a stitch at center front. Cinch drawstring around neck of doll and tie in back.

For a boy doll, make same as girl. Sew 13 fabric strip to form crotch-like rompers. Cut yarn strips shorter for hair. Add a black bow tie at the neck.

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From the first time I sewed the buttons on backward and clipped a hole in the front of my first blouse in high school home economics, I’ve been hooked on sewing. I have been sewing and making crafts for over 40 years and enjoy the process of creating something unique and exactly what I want.

Hopefully, you to will also have fun making projects which will add warmth and charm to your home or touch a special someone with your unique gift.

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