How to Make a Terry Cloth Toddler Bib

Just the thing for your little spillers and droolers! Made of thirsty 100% cotton terry cloth, this bib is super absorbent and washes well. The bib’s large size and cap sleeves cover most of your little ones front, which will save you many an outfit change. Fits children ages one to four years old. You can personalize this project by embroidering child’s name or iron on transfers.


Supplies Needed:

  • 1 terry cloth hand towel
  • 3 yards of 2.75m ( 1/2) extra wide double fold bias tape in contrasting color
  • 15 of 1 wide ribbon in contrasting or complementary color
    Thread to match bias tape
  • Thread to match ribbon
  • Bib Pattern


1. Print pattern and enlarge to correct size, which is 187% of the original. Any copy store with a blue print machine can enlarge the pattern onto a single large sheet of paper for you.

2. Pin pattern to terry cloth towel and cut out shape.


3. Stitch ribbon at top and bottom edges across bib, approximately 3 1/2 up from bottom of bib.

4. To sew bias tape into armholes, slip terry cloth into fold in bias tape. Pin in place. Catching both sides of bias tape, stitch from A to B. Note: Pull corner straight as you sew through it. Pin A to B at points forming armhole.

5. Repeat this process on opposite side, sewing bias tape from D to E. Then pin D and E points together forming second armhole.


6. Starting at where back of neck would be on bib at point C, sew bias tape across shoulders and down side. Catch points A and B in the tape as you sew. Continue across bottom and up the other side. Catch D and E in the bias tape to form armhole. Continue sewing bias to terry cloth until you reach back of neck again (F). You should now have bias tape on all edges of bib, except for the neck hole.

7. Leave approximately 13 of bias tape loose at neck for tying on either side at back of neck. Next pin bias tape to neck hole. Start sewing at the loose end of bias tape and continue stitching until you get to point C where terry cloth neck hole begins. Continue sewing bias tape to terry cloth around neck hole. Once you get around the neck to point F, continue sewing the bias tape only (tie end) until you reach the end of the tape. At this point the edges of the loose ties of bias tape should be sewn together.

8. You are done!

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