How to Make a Triangle Gift Box

Create a wonderful friendship gift for any occasion with this fun and easy craft. Your friends will feel very special knowing you took the time to make them this lovely box. It is very simple to make, but the finished project is sure to impress. Sharing a gift from the heart is the best kind of gift!



Decorative hole punch
Decorative craft scissors
Tracing paper
Poster board
Gift wrap
Clear vellum
2 yards of 5/8 wide grosgrain ribbon

1. Print out pattern from your computer printer and enlarge box and triangle to 190%.
2. Glue a 20 square piece of gift wrap to poster board. Trace the box pattern you have enlarged onto the poster board and cut out with decorative scissors. Fold along dashed lines.
3. Trace triangle pattern on vellum and cut out 3 triangles using craft scissors. Fold under ½ on one side and glue to bottom of box. Using small dots of glue, glue triangle to sides of box. Repeat with remaining triangles. Using decorative hole punch, punch hold near top on each point.
4. Cut two 22 lengths and one 17 length from the ribbon. Center and glue ½ of ribbon to each side of box bottom and then glue ribbon to center of box sides. Thread ribbon through holes at top. Add stickers along ribbon and fill box with candy. Knot two ribbons together and tie remaining two in a bow. Slip ribbon end through holes you have punched in card.
5. Use computer to print up gift tag message on cardstock. Use craft scissors to cut out tag. Punch holes in top and bottom of tag. Thread one end of untied ribbon through holes to attach tag to box.

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Hopefully, you to will also have fun making projects which will add warmth and charm to your home or touch a special someone with your unique gift.

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